Tim Cook’s salary dipped by ₹300 crore in 2023. How much did he earn?

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook earned $63.21 million dollars as compensation in 2023, less than what he got in 2022, the iPhone maker stated in its proxy filing with the US Securities Exchange Commission.

In its proxy filing, Apple said that Cook earned $3 million (nearly 25 crore) as a salary in 2023. It was the same salary as in 2022 and 2021. The 63-year-old tech boss, who has been at the helm of affairs of the company since its founder Steve Jobs’ demise, was awarded stocks worth $46,970,283 ( 389.25 crore) in the past year.

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Cook was paid non-equity incentive plan compensation to the tune of $10,713,450 ( 88.78 crore) while the other compensation totalled $2,526,112 ( 20.93 crore). Hence, the Apple CEO’s total salary in 2023 stood at $63,209,845 ( 523.83 crore). It was lesser than his 2022 salary of $99,420,097 ( 823.91 crore).

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Apple is gearing up for the launch of its mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, that goes on sale in the United States on February 2. The headset has been priced at $3,499 ( 2.89 lakh), Reuters reported.

The Apple Vision Pro, according to the Cupertino-based technology giant, is designed for more immersive FaceTime chats, gaming, video and productivity apps. The Vision Pro, first unveiled in June, marks the first new hardware category for Apple since the company introduced its smartwatch in 2015.

Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple Inc.(Representative Image/Bloomberg)

“It’s been a remarkable year. In 2023, we made history by introducing the world to Apple’s first spatial computer, Apple Vision Pro — a revolutionary product that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world, opening a whole new dimension for our users,” Cook said in the regulatory filing.

With the launch of Vision Pro, Apple enters into competition with Meta Platforms Inc. and other makers of augmented and virtual reality headsets.

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