2023 Criminal Legislative Summaries – North Carolina Criminal Law

Each year the School of Government summarizes legislation enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly affecting criminal law and procedure and motor vehicle laws. The summaries for this legislative session are now available and can be accessed here.

Each summary provides a brief description of the act in question along with a link to the text of the act and, where available, links to blogs my colleagues and I wrote. In addition to legislation that my colleagues and I discussed in previous posts, below are some other noteworthy criminal law enactments:

  • increased punishment and amended pretrial proceedings for rioting and looting (S.L. 2023-6)
  • repeal of pistol purchase permits and other changes to concealed carry laws (S.L. 2023-8)
  • authorization for and regulation of sports betting (effective January 8, 2024) (S.L. 2023-42)
  • new and expanded offenses for property crimes against utilities (S.L. 2023-47) and for certain agricultural crimes (S.L. 2023-63)
  • modified procedures for Innocence Inquiry Commission proceedings (S.L. 2023-74)
  • new offenses and increased punishments for assaults on pregnant women (S.L. 2023-14), emergency personnel and other public officials (S.L. 2023-76), and health care workers (S.L. 2023-129)
  • new provision allowing for the aggregation of financial crimes (effective March 1, 2024) (S.L. 2023-151)

As always, be sure to note the effective date of the legislation, which is indicated in connection with each summary.

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