AI In Learning And Development: A Strategic Guide [eBook Launch]

What Is The Role Of AI In Learning And Development?

What’s the full potential of AI in corporate learning environments? How can you avoid the most common pitfalls and use this technology to enhance your current methodologies? From mastering the art of prompt engineering to the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence, this eBook covers the fundamentals of implementing AI in Learning and Development.

eBook Release

AI In Learning & Development: A Strategic Guide For Tomorrow’s Corporate Education

Explore AI’s role in personalizing and streamlining learning experiences and its complementary nature to human intelligence.

The Future Of AI In Learning And Development

In many respects, AI in Learning and Development is still in its infancy. We’re just beginning to see the possibilities it can unlock for both organizations and corporate learners. Generative AI, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning can help L&D professionals create training paths that adapt to individual needs, as well as automate more tedious tasks to streamline development and data collection. The secret is knowing how to incorporate it into your processes and understanding its limitations. For example, as this guide recommends, you can ask AI to review content from several different viewpoints to get a fresh take and fine-tune your modules. Another option is using this technology to explore new topics or trends that you may want to cover in your next eLearning course.

About This eBook

How do you kick things off and start making the most of AI in your L&D strategy? What’s the most effective way to use it as an augmentation tool versus a replacement for human intelligence? Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in this guide by ELB Learning:

  • The Value Of AI In Learning
  • 5 Steps To Incorporating AI In L&D
  • 4 AI Don’ts
  • 5 Tips And Tricks For Using AI In L&D

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