Arkane Dev Reveals First Look At Marvel’s Blade Concept Art

Marvel’s Blade was one of the most exciting reveals from the Game Awards. Not only is it the first proper video game adaptation of the beloved Marvel character, but it’s being made by Arkane Lyon, developers of games like Deathloop and the Dishonored series. That said, the reveal trailer isn’t that long, and fans are understandably hungry for more.

Luckily for them, co-creative director/art director Sébastien Mitton revealed a few images of concept art on X today. These images were created by Sergey Kolesov and Jean-Luc Monnet, and you can see them for yourself below:


Concept art is mainly made to establish a general artistic tone and vibe of a game, so it doesn’t always include details present in the finished product. That said, we can infer a lot about the tone of the game based on these images. The dense city streets and subways certainly evoke Arkane’s environmental design, and Blade’s positions up high and in the shadows suggest stealthy problem-solving, another recurring aspect of Arkane’s games.

For more Blade, check out our episode of the GI show where we recap the biggest announcements from the Game Awards, or just watch the reveal trailer again.

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