Extended Enterprise Training Strategies For Learners Outside Your Organization

Extended Enterprise Training: Tools And Implementation Tips

While on-site and remote employees are often the first people who spring to mind when you think of corporate eLearning, external partners can also reap the many rewards of a solid L&D program. This eBook explores the benefits extended enterprise training strategies and best practices every organization can follow to empower their sales channels, customers, and more.

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The Extended Advantage: Strategies For Training Learners Outside Your Organization

Discover the benefits of extended enterprise training and top tips to launch a winning L&D strategy.

How Extended Enterprise Training Strategies Benefit Businesses Of All Sizes

Whether your company just brought on its 20th external team member or you hit the 500-salesperson milestone, launching extended enterprise training strategies can help you bridge skills gaps and support learners outside your organization. This is crucial in today’s competitive market because you want to hold on to top talent, even if they aren’t full-time employees. For example, remote customer care agents might look for opportunities elsewhere if they don’t have access to development tools. You want every member of your extended network to thrive and achieve their full potential. An effective training plan allows them to identify areas for improvement, access relevant moment-of-need resources, and broaden their knowledge at their own pace. You can also ensure that they have the certifications they need to stay in compliance and mitigate risks.

About This eBook

Why should you invest in an external partner training program? What software should you consider for your tech stack? Which criteria should you use to define L&D success? Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside this guide by Schoox:

  • What Are The Impactful Benefits?
  • How Can You Empower Your Extended Enterprise?
  • What Tools Do You Need For Ease And Speed?
  • How To Measure Success

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