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Meet Hulk, the gentle giant who’s rewriting the story of pit bulls one wag at a time. Hulk the Dog is an impressive 180-pound American pit bull terrier and bull terrier cross. Back in 2015, Hulk held the title of the largest pit bull ever recorded, making him a true giant among his dog breeds.

Owned, bred, and trained by Marlon Grannon of Dark Dynasty K9, Hulk is more than just a pet; he’s a family member who happily plays with Grannon’s son, proving that love and trust can exist in the most unexpected forms.

Hulk’s story is not just about his size; it’s about breaking down misconceptions and showing the world the softer side of a breed often maligned. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the heartwarming tale of Hulk, the pit bull whose mere presence is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

Introduction – Dark Dynasty K-9

Dark Dynasty K9s is a family-owned and operated business known for its elite personal protection training and the production of “Hulk,” the world’s largest Pitbull. They take pride in producing healthy, athletic, and functional XL American Bullys with great temperaments for both protection and family companionship.

They strictly adhere to guidelines to ensure that their facilities and breeding practices are ethical and responsible.

How Big Do Pit Bulls Get on Average?

Pit bulls typically weigh between 30 and 60 lbs (13-27 kgs), making Hulk the pit bull a true exception. His massive size, nearly four times that of the average pit bull, comes with potential health risks. Such a size can affect agility and put stress on joints, potentially shortening a dog’s lifespan.

Hulk’s colossal size is all thanks to his genetic luck as a lovable mutt. His massive appetite included devouring 4-5 pounds (about 2 kgs) of ground beef daily to satisfy his hunger!

Hulk’s Claim to Fame

Hulk, born on September 7, 2013, in Florida, USA, boasts a striking brown and white coat. From day one, Hulk was cherished by his breeders, Marlon and Lisa Grennan. He made his debut in a video clip on December 20, 2013, weighing 62 pounds.

Following his debut, Hulk became a regular on the DarkDynastyK9s YouTube channel, showcasing his growth journey. In February 2015, a viral video showcased Hulk’s immense size at just 17 months old, amassing over 13 million views and captivating the world.

This fame led to features on various blogs and channels and even a television appearance in April 2015. Hulk’s story became a sensation!

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Hulk the Pit Bull’s Legacy

hulk pitbull

Hulk is truly exceptional. While his body is massive, it’s matched by an even larger heart. His remarkable qualities include being sweet, calm, and docile. However, it’s important not to underestimate him, for Hulk can transform into a formidable force when the situation demands it. He’s not just a great dog; he’s a versatile protector.

Over the years, Hulk has proudly fathered several litters of puppies. These little bundles of Hulk’s genetics are highly sought after, with prices ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 for each pup. Hulk’s legacy extends not only through his size but also through Hulk puppies.

Standing Tall with Hulk

big pitbull

Hulk’s muscular build and confident stance are testament to his strength and stature, yet his relaxed, open mouth and the gleam in his eyes hint at a gentle giant rather than a ferocious beast. The owner stands behind them, exuding a calm and assertive energy that speaks to a deep bond built on mutual respect and trust. This relationship is not one of fear or dominance but of companionship and leadership.

Strong Bond With Children

the hulk pitbull

Hulk’s relaxed posture, soft gaze, and the calm, almost protective way he watches over the child speak volumes about his temperament. Despite his formidable size, there’s a clear sense of trust and affection that he shares with the owner’s children, indicative of a bond that’s more akin to siblings than pets and family members.

It’s a beautiful testament to the capacity of Pit Bulls, often misunderstood, to form deep, familial bonds with humans, especially children, when raised in a compassionate and respectful environment.

Reasons Behind His Popularity

hulk the dog

Hulk’s popularity isn’t just about his size; it’s a result of his unique blend of endearing qualities and captivating personality.

Size of Hulk

  • At a mere 17 weeks old, Hulk tipped the scales at a whopping 82 pounds, setting the stage for his colossal journey.
  • Hulk’s appetite matches his size, as he devours approximately five pounds of ground beef daily.
  • Standing at a towering 6 feet and weighing more than the average human, Hulk is not just a protector but also an exceptional cuddle buddy.

A Well-Trained Giant

  • Videos posted by his owners reveal Hulk’s impressive training; he reserves his aggression for specific situations.
  • Despite his fearsome appearance, Hulk possesses a calm and docile demeanor, earning the trust of his owners and their children.

Social Media Star

  • Hulk’s fame extends to Instagram, where his personal account boasts over a million devoted followers.

Kong: The 150lb Pitbull – Son of Hulk the Pitbull

Hulk, the world’s biggest Pit bull, may have met his match in his son, DDK9’s King Kong, who was on track to surpass him in size. At just one year old, Kong already weighed an astonishing 150 lbs. Dark Dynasty K9s, renowned for producing massive puppies trained as protection dogs, was Kong’s home.

Tragically, the legendary pitbull Kong, Hulk’s son, succumbed to Lymphoma in 2021. However, DDK continues Kong’s legacy by raising his final litter of puppies. Raiden, Kong’s son, shows promise as Marlon’s next protection superstar, while Vinnie, another of Kong’s sons, has captured the heart of Co-founder Lisa.

Myths and Facts about Hulk the Pit Bull

hulk the dog

Like any legendary figure, whether it’s an animal, a character, or a person, myths and misconceptions tend to circulate. Let’s set the record straight on a few common myths:

1. Myth: Black Pit Bulls Are Fiercer

Fact: While some may believe that black pit bulls are twice as fierce as brown and white ones, Hulk the pit bull defies this notion. In fact, Hulk himself isn’t black but brown and white. Interestingly, some of Hulk’s puppies have gray coats, which comes pretty close to the perceived fierceness of black.

2. Myth: Hulk the Pit Bull Isn’t Real

Fact: It may be hard to believe, but the world’s largest pit bull, Hulk, is very real!

3. Myth: Pit Bull Hulk Is Aggressive

Fact: Contrary to the misconception, Hulk the pit bull is not aggressive. In reality, most pit bulls, including Hulk, can be trained to be excellent working and guard dogs.


The story of Hulk, the world’s largest Pit Bull, shatters the common misconception that these dogs are inherently dangerous. Often, Pit Bulls find themselves in the limelight only in negative contexts, leading to a skewed public perception.

However, as Hulk’s story demonstrates, these canines, under the guidance of responsible and knowledgeable owners, can become exemplary family pets and efficient working or protection dogs.

Marlon Grannan and his wife Lisa have shown through their experience with Hulk that with the right training and leadership, a Pit Bull can be much more than a pet; they can be loyal canine companions, integral to the fabric of a family.

Hulk’s gentle nature, despite his daunting size, and his bond with their son Jordan exemplify the potential of these dogs when raised in a loving environment.

This narrative not only changes the conversation about Pit Bulls but also encourages potential pet owners to consider a new puppy of this breed, viewing them through a lens of possibility and positivity rather than fear and misconception.

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