Here’s A Deep Dive Of Ara: History Untold, A New Strategy Game From Former Firaxis Developers

Today, during the most recent Xbox Developer Direct, Ara: History Untold, a new strategy game from Oxide Games, got a deep dive revealing gameplay and more. The game was first announced in 2022. 

Oxide talked up its “living world,” a procedurally generated map for players to create the society they want in Ara. As the developers say, it will change over time based on players’ decisions. You can watch the presentation starting at the 25:00 minute mark. 

Ara’s Prestige System pits players to build a nation better than opponents’. The game’s score system awards points based on what kind of leader a specific player wants to be. An example, as detailed during today’s live stream, is building “Triumphs,” or famous buildings throughout history that give large Prestige bonuses.

Oxide is a Maryland-based studio founded in 2013 by former Firaxis developers. Its previous games include 2016’s Ashes of the Singularity and Star Swarm. 

Ara: History Untold is expected to be released on PC and PC Game Pass in the fall of this year. However, Oxide plans to keep its “Insider Program” after release, implementing player feedback.

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