India vs Syria AFC Asian Cup Live Score: IND look to keep faint knockout chances alive

India vs Syria AFC Asian Cup Live Score: What needs to happen for India to qualify

India vs Syria AFC Asian Cup Live Score: Al lright then, time to do some number crunching so strap in, kids. The basic requirement is that India have to win this. Anything less than that and all the equations are out of the window, India will finish fourth in their group, as they did in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup. India currently may be outside the top six but if it remains as it stands right now, a win today can help them overtake China, who are right now in third place. In Group C, Palestine take on Hong Kong. Palestine could finish in the top two of their group with a win but even if that doesn’t happen, a win for them would guarantee that Group C’s third-placed team would be above India.

In Group D, Indonesia are flying high, they are currently placed second among third-place teams. However, they are facing the mighty, and bruised, Japan today. In the other match in the group, Vietnam, a threat for India, face Iraq. The best case scenario from an Indian perspective in this group would be a big win for Japan, which is entirely possible considering they could be looking to make amends for that defeat to Iraq which made global headline, and Iraq avoiding defeat against Vietnam.

In Group E are the best third-placed team at the moment – Bahrain. Malaysia are up against South Korea in the other match in the group and so that means a big defeat could be in store for the former. The best case scenario for India would be Bahrain losing to Jordan today and Korea beating Malaysia. In Group E are Oman who are the fourth best third-placed team and they face Kyrgyzstan. This is tricky for India as a victory for either side would be bad news and so the best case scenario for them would be them playing out a draw.

Easy, right?

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