‘Just doing my business…’: CEO on Cognizant ‘poaching’ from rival firms

Cognizant is just ‘doing its business’ and must become an ‘employer of choice,’ CEO Ravi Kumar S has said, making his first remarks on the company’s ‘poaching’ of top-level executives from rival firms.

Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar S (Image courtesy: Cognizant)

“I am just doing my business. I want to make Cognizant an employer of choice,” Kumar told CNBC TV18 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. He was responding to a question on Cognizant CFO Jatin Dalal, whose previous employer, Wipro, has sued Dalal over ‘breach of contract,’ seeking 25.15 crore in damages.

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Mohd Haque, another arrival at Cognizant from Wipro, too has been sued by the Rishad Premji-led giant.

Kumar, meanwhile, said Cognizant is ‘continuing to build on it,’ on the question of there being more additions to its leadership team.

“It’s a constant process. I’ve always said it, right from day one, that my first choice is to look for people inside the company; if they fit the bill, I would like to make sure that they become an integral part of the leadership team. We’re a phenomenal platform…our entrepreneurial spirit is priceless. Our agility in the market is priceless. We have a DNA of client centricity. I’m restoring all that heritage of this company, which made Cognizant, what Cognizant is today,” he added.

“We will always have gaps on our leadership, and we’ll look up to the market. And we will look for teams who want to join on this journey,” the former Infosys President further stated.

Infosys too sent a notice after Cognizant onboarded as many as four executives from the IT firm.

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